Engage CEO’s contribution to VR/AR article

Installation magazine’s feature on VR and AR posed some interesting questions. “As things stand today, integrators seem to be somewhat bemused [with the technology],” opined Installation feature writer Ian McMurray. “The technologies are potentially compelling – but what are the real-world applications from which they can derive profit? According to those operating in the VR/AR/MR market, the right thing to do is to keep an open mind.”

Our CEO Steve Blyth had this to say in response:  “There has to be a want to take this further.AV companies that are too arm’s length and traditional will be overtaken by more forward-thinking and pioneering adopters, designers and integrators. Don’t fear it – embrace it,” he laughs. “It is definitely not the modern equivalent of Betamax.” Click here to read the article in its entirety.