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What is CoCreate?

CoCreate is the ultimate collaboration and engagement software tool. It brings content, data and ideas into a single digital environment transforming the way people work today. It is creative, intuitive and collaborative. When you get the right people in the right space with the right technology and access to the right information, faster decisions happen.The outcomes are insightful and effective..

Why CoCreate?

The way offices are being used, the way people are working and the technology they are using is evolving fast.Collaboration has become a buzzword; it is universally accepted that teams find better solutions than individuals. When a team is in an inspiring space, working in the right way and supported by great tools, the results are amazing.

• Higher Performance: Companies that promoted collaborative working were 5 x more likely to be high performing

• Improved Relationships: 72% of managers who used collaborative working techniques reported noticeably better relationships with clients and partners

• Good Ideas that stick: When solutions were designed collaboratively they were found to better represent the needs of the users and were more likely to be adopted long term

How CoCreate works

CoCreate works on all sizes of touchscreens from giant touch video walls, through 4k touch displays, to the new generation of Windows 10 tablets. Our unique interface means your content is always at your fingertips whatever your scale.


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