PwC Frontier Data Lab

The Frontier Data Lab PwC helps clients to make sense of their data, gaining insight and understanding.



We were asked to create a space where PwC’s clients could “make a date with their data”. PwC help clients make sense of their data to gain insight and understanding into a range of issues, including the levels of impact that regulatory changes have on businesses, how best to detect financial crime and how to use AI to gain market advantage.



The Frontier Data Lab places client specialists and PwC experts into a unique space that crunches detailed client data for valuable insight. A design and implementation exercise is then carried out, where client and PwC teams workshop effective solutions.


Client benefit

The Frontier Data Lab allows PwC to run a series of exercises that examine data and produce valuable insight and highlighting trends.



  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Francesca Burns
  • Charlie Dolby
  • David Hoe
  • Jake Finnigan
  • Howard Peters
  • Chris Mitchell

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