Modon Properties Sales Centre

Unique interactive experience to help Emiratis purchase homes through the Abu Dhabi National Housing Scheme.



Create a unique interactive experience for Emiratis wanting to purchase their own home through the Abu Dhabi National Housing Scheme with the new Al Riyadh City development in Abu Dhabi, designed by Modon Properties.  Our clear goal was to make every visit a happy one.

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We were appointed to create an end to end interactive experience for families visiting their new sales centre to purchase a new property. Engage Works designed and delivered a concierge assisted journey through the sales centre, beginning with a bespoke welcome brand film, moving through to a villa customisation area into a lounge space where visitors can review their choices in comfort. We created and built a number of applications allowing each visitor to use their Emirates ID as a secure tag to save all their preferences to a cloud based profile.



Client benefit

Modon Properties now have modular cloud based system which has automated a lot of internal processes whilst also creating a unique, fun experience using cutting edge technology. All applications were built to expand and flex to number of registrations and changing content. The Engage Works experience has now been delivered to three Modon Properties sales centres.


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