KPMG Data Analytics Centre

U-Collaborate enables efficient working through interactive data visualisation and analytics.



KPMG approached Engage to create an end-to-end solution to transform the way the company holds meetings and consultations when analysing and consulting with their clients. Cutting-edge analytics, visualisation tools, and security networks were to be utilised to position KPMG at the forefront of innovation.

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Engage created a software system running on multiple touch surfaces in the centre allowing users to analyse, create and communicate ideas in an accelerated and secure way. This strategy was built with a deep understanding of the methodologies used in the space.


Client benefit

Engage created a highly integrated software system that allowed the customers to create, combine and communicate new ideas alongside the KPMG experts.The system allows mass ideation using iPad companion apps, templated working exercises as well as the ability to split problems down to allow smaller 'breakout' groups to tackle manageable chunks of it.


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  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Francesca Burns
  • David Hoe
    • Jake Finnigan
    • Howard Peters
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Holly May