Knight Dragon Greenwich Peninsula Marketing Experience

Empowering the Greenwich Peninsula as an ideal place to live.



In collaboration with Emulsion, we were tasked with designing an experience that allows visitors to visualise life on the Greenwich Peninsula, as a potential buyer, brand advocate or both.



We created a blend of digital technology, architectural materiality and branded collateral, flowing into a seamless, integrated visitor journey. Technology included touch kiosks, haptic devices, immersive VR pods, projection and projection mapping.


Client benefit

Increased public awareness of the Greenwich Peninsula; positioned the Greenwich Peninsula brand as creative and eclectic place makers, generating a desire to live there.


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  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Francesca Burns
  • Charlie Dolby
  • David Hoe
  • Gabriel Henwood
  • Nikolay Zhekov
  • Jake Finnigan
  • Howard Peters
  • Carl Childs
  • Aya Fisher
  • Liam Page
  • Steve Blyth
  • Pierre Trochu

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