Capita - The Studio 

The Studio is a collaborative client engagement suite, designed for interactive workshop style events.



Capita wanted to create a unique space where they could bring clients into the heart of their solutions. This flagship space could be used for anything from design sprints, to contract bids and would be where the clients came face to face with Capita’s expertise and capability.

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Engage worked closely with the different teams who would use the space to build a brief that would reflect their requirements, and ensure that any solution was flexible and powerful while ensuring the client experience was seamless throughout. Following this the software, hardware, and space were designed with a single coherent customer journey and set of capabilities in mind.


Client benefit

The Studio is hugely in demand and within 6 months of opening demand was at 300% of its capacity. It has been used for client strategy workshops, digital transformation sessions and agile working training and has been credited with helping win bids and design new software solutions that have generated over $30m of new revenue.”

World Government Summit 2017

Expo 2020 in 2016” – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Francesca Burns
  • Charlie Dolby
  • David Hoe
  • Gabriel Henwood
  • Nikolay Zhekov
  • Jake Finnigan
  • Howard Peters
  • Carl Childs
  • Aya Fisher
  • Liam Page
  • Steve Blyth
  • Pierre Trochu