Capgemini ASE & AIE

A world class digital collaborative environment that blends a mix of digital and analogue surfaces.



Engage Works was commissioned by Capgemini to refresh and digitally augment their Accelerated Solutions Environment.



Engage designed the environment, which holistically integrated their existing technologies such as multiple touch screens for breakout activities, with new installations such as a cutting-edge touch screenmedia wall, both enabled to host Engage’s Co-Create software and a bespoke software suite created exclusively for Capgemini’s client events and workshops.


Client benefit

Engage delivered a robust and future proof solution. The project resulted in a full suite of collaboration tools to engage and inspire Capgemini’s clients and to accelerate their decision-making processes and is capable of running delivery sessions, sales sessions and digital demos.


A truly stunning experience.

  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Francesca Burns
  • David Hoe
    • Jake Finnigan
    • Howard Peters
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Holly May

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