Brookfield 100 Bishopsgate

Empowering customers to visualise the future at the London based Brookfield development.



Brookfield Property Partners approached Engage to create a sophisticated, digitally enabled marketing suite that would help potential customers to visualise the property before the construction of the building was completed.



On a large touchscreen, our software application provides sales teams with all marketing materials at their fingertips, allowing them to instantly adapt conversations. We started by upgrading Brookfield’s existing hardware and integrating it with a stunning 98” touchscreen. We then worked alongside their sales team to design and build a custom software application that adhered to key points within their presentation process. Featuring an interactive 3D model of the building with incorporated floorplan finder, the software enhances and enables more fluid conversations between the marketer and client.


Client benefit

We delivered on Brookfield’s objective to produce an environment that inspired prospective customers, accelerated sales processes, and ensured that their offer was demonstrated in the most impactful way possible in order to ensure sales success.

100 Bishopsgate

Enabling customers to visualise their future at 100 Bishopsgate.

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