Why remote working doesn’t always work

Displaced workforces can work remotely and at any time using cloud technologies and improved communications infrastructures to bring greater visibility and efficiencies to the way they work. In theory, this way of working should be welcomed by both employers and workers. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Well, companies are finding that remote working is suitable for ongoing day to day work; however, when it comes to fostering the sparks of creativity that drives innovation, ignites business transformation and improves team synergies, remote workforces struggle to come up with the goods.

In the highly competitive arena of business, the levels of creativity you have in the workplace can significantly affect your company’s chances of success – so much so that fostering a culture of creativity has been identified within the top five of CEOs’ concerns in research by Hult Business school. Therefore, presence is important to creativity within the workforce and equally, so is the space they congregate in and the digital tools that amplify the experience in the space. Click here to read the rest of this fascinating article by our Strategic Project Director, David Wilson, on LinkedIn.