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Bringing complex data to life, our interactive visualisation software makes it easy to access and interpret data in real time.



The ‘Twitterverse’ is a snapshot of what the world is talking about as it happens as seen through the eyes of Twitter. We created an interactive visualisation of their social media platform that gives users a way to explore and interpret the complex real-time data. The software can be applied to any data set, allowing users to ask questions, discover answers, and gain insights.

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Controlled via iPad interaction, which can be output to standard screen or large format video outputs, it was produced for the Twitter LIVE 10th Anniversary week. The application enabled hosts to view data as it visually manifested into a construct of nodes and connections, each forming layers of complex information that were selectable and filtered live by a host on stage. The user is able to filter out layers of information to access passions, feeds and even singular tweets. A data visualisation tool with the ability to view various modes of twitter conversation through a beautifully designed visual journey.



Client benefit

Twitter: “Spectacular! It blew our clients’ minds and looked completely stunning.”


Creating bespoke, real-time visualisation software for Twitter.

  • Paul Boulding
  • Scott Boulding
  • Charlie Dolby
  • David Hoe
  • Jake Finnigan
  • Howard Peters
  • Chris Mitchell